F.C. Council, Planning Commission Mull New Hilton Garden Inn Plan

New plans for the construction of Hilton Garden Inn in the 700 block of W. Broad Street were met with generally favorable reviews from members of the Falls Church City Council and Planning Commission at a joint work session tonight.

Revisions to the plan that was officially approved in 2008 call for the inclusion of a two-story office building facing the Park Avenue side of the property and a two-level parking deck with no link between them (each with separate entrances). The project, according to City Manager Wyatt Shields, offers “per acre, the highest fiscal impact of any project over the past five years.” With the office building add on, it will bring in $130,000 more to City tax coffers than the earlier plan, boosting its positive fiscal impact to an estimated¬†$560,000 per year, or almost two cents on the residential real estate tax rate. The time line calls for an official application for new special exception and zoning modifications in March, for a follow-on work session in April, and for first and second readings beginning in May, Shields said.

In addition to developer Bob Young’s Jefferson Park LLC, the project now has Gosnell Palmer Holdings LLC as partners and has retained its franchise from the Hilton Hotel group. “This project is a perfect example of the new urbanism,” Rich Palmer of the Gosnell Palmer group said. “I am very excited, we really, really need this,” Planning Commissioner Lindy Hockenberry said. “I liked it in 2008, and I like it now,” City Council member Robin Gardner said.