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Jody’s Jam of the Week: D.C.’s Meat & Meat-Free Weeks

This time last year, I recommended the inaugural D.C. Meat Week, a week-long feast on barbecue throughout the area. Now, that’s still on the docket this year; the 2nd annual carnivore fave is running ’till the end of this week with stops at Capital Q, Rocklands and Mr P’s. However, for all my vegetarian friends out there, I’ve got to give a shout-out to Meat-Free Week.

The 2nd annual event from DC Vegan starts next Monday and offers up meat-free options at area restaurants all week long. And wouldn’t you know, Falls Church is a prime destination, with Tuesday’s Meat-Free stops including veggie-friendly Meet and Greets at both Seven Corner’s Sunflower Restaurant and the City’s Clare and Don’s Beach Shack. Other stops next week include a vegan tasting menu at Nage, tofu curry and vegan cherry pies at Dangerously Delicious, a vegan food truck day on Thursday and specials at many other vegan and vegetarian friendly spots.

What: D.C. Meat Week & D.C. Meat-Free Week

When: Meat Week: Through Sunday, Feb. 6; Meat-Free Week: Feb. 7 – 14

Where: Particiapting D.C.-area restaurants

For info on Meat Week visit; for Meat-Free Week, visit