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Kaye Kory’s Richmond Report


My thanks to all the constituents and advocacy groups who have made suggestions for legislation. My special thanks to those who have met with me and worked out legislative ideas. Your input is the basis of my final decisions about which legislation I will submit for the General Assembly’s consideration during the 2011 Session. I have not filed any bills to date, but am preparing to do so.

Here are the important dates that I must follow in proposing and submitting legislation: the deadline for requests for drafts of potential legislation to be “prefiled” or filed before the next General Assembly session is Monday, December 6; all requests for drafts of legislation to be prefiled will be returned by Legislative Services for the requestor’s review by midnight on December 31; all drafts of legislation to be prefiled must be submitted to the Clerk of the House by 10 a.m. on January 12; each legislator is permitted to prefile up to 15 bills; each legislator is permitted to file up to five bills after that date.

I have asked to have 20 pieces of legislation drafted on a wide variety of subjects.

The topics and issues which I am most likely to address deal with government accountability and transparency, tax incentives to promote renewable energy use, increasing funds for mass transit, restricting the uses of campaign funds, protecting citizens’ voting rights, improving K-12 education and protecting students’ health and safety.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss these drafted pieces of legislation, support the legislation once I file it, or to request that I draft additional legislation.
You may reach me at delkkory@house.virginia.gov.


Delegate Kory represents the 38th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. She may be emailed at DelKKory@house.virginia.gov.