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Out with the old; in with the new. Time for the end of the year edition of TLC Weed Mailbag.



Out with the old; in with the new. Time for the end of the year edition of TLC Weed Mailbag.

Dear Weed: Watch Night. For it or against it? – Dateless in the Shire.

For it, but trending away. The turnout is usually strong. Good music. Crowds are under control. It is more family-friendly than most New Year’s events. I have never been mugged at the event, and no one has ever barfed on my shoes. So, you know, it is a mixed bag. But the last few years the weather has been awful; which has kept the people away and chased the musicians offstage. This year I understand a flash mob sing and dance thingy is planned. Which feels just a little too Glee-tastic for my taste. We shall see.

Dear Weed: What do you make of all the water lawsuits from Fairfax County residents? – Thinking I Could Use the $50

Another sign of the Tea Party Apocalypse. Some local court said putting water revenue in a general fund amounted to an unconstitutional tax. The return on investment (the fee everyone paid) was okay; it was the decision to use the monies to bolster the general fund that gave the court its ass ache (a decision that was made because the city politicians back in the day were pro-vacant lot, anti-development, afraid of the school mob, and out of ideas. The Weed is looking at you Council Member Snyder.) The exposure is limited (thanks to the foresight of now deceased city manager Dan McKeever) and covered by insurance. But someone using the words “unconstitutional” and “tax” in the same sentence seems to have triggered a political gag reflex in the hater and opportunist crowds. Suddenly all the sensitives in Fairfax County are “offended” and all too willing to destroy their neighbor over $50 bucks. Nice. Sweet geezus.

Look, dear Fairfax, no virgins here, right? You already destroyed Fairfax City by calling in your city center development chits, right? Is that not enough independent jurisdiction blood on your hands for this year? If you get over yourselves, we will agree to look the other way over the influence you used on the supposedly non-partisan Fairfax Water Authority and we will keep our mouth shut as you ream commercial developers with poor service and astronomical connection fees. Seriously, I remember the days when Fairfax County had a better sense of itself and a lot more dignity.

Dear Weed: Any regrets you care to share about 2010? – Just Curious

Not really. There is some money and time invested in Redskins fever I wish I could get back. A few column deadlines were cut pretty close. The debacle I had this past summer with cutting my lawn could have been handled better. Also, I did not make it to Busch Gardens for Hallowscream. Stuff like that.

Oh, and maybe I am already beginning to regret taking a swipe at all those Fairfax County residents … who really seem like very nice people underneath it all.


Michael Gardner is a quixotic citizen and founder of the Blueweeds community blog.