New F.C. W&OD Signs Placed, Stolen

Those following the chatter on the City’s Facebook page will see there is interest/concern regarding: 1) the placement by the City last week of new Yield to Pedestrian signs at the six W&OD trail crossings in the City. Motorists are reminded to slow down when approaching a crosswalk and stop if a bicyclist or pedestrian is in the walkway, because they have the right of way.

Bicyclists must also observe the Stop sign before entering the crosswalk. And 2) the apparent theft of five of the six signs. It appears that five of the six signs were stolen and it will cost $2,600 to replace them. At this time, no decision has been made on whether to replace the stolen signs. If anyone has information on the stolen signs, please contact the Police Department at 703-241-5050. According to City officials, “Persons driving, walking or biking to one of the crossings where the signs were taken, will see there is an orange cone in the road to mark the former location of the stolen sign. The signs were posted as a safety precaution. Whoever removed the signs did not make the intersections safer, because the bases of the signs (covered by an orange cone) are still in the middle of the intersection.”