F.C. to Hook Up New Water Line to Tysons Marriott After Fairfax Water ‘Fail’

Falls Church City Manager Wyatt Shields explained to the News-Press tonight that a consent item on next Monday’s City Council agenda will authorize funding for a Falls Church Water Authority pipeline extension in its service area in Tysons Corner to correct a problem in a Fairfax Water Authority pipeline job to service the Tysons Corner Marriott. Shields said that numerous complaints of interrupted service provided through the Fairfax-constructed line has led Falls Church to move in and fix the matter with a new pipeline of its own. In a common border agreement between water systems, in this case Fairfax originally extended the line to the hotel, even though the water is provided by Falls Church, which bills the customer. Therefore, Falls Church has assumed the responsibility to make good for its customer, fixing a problem created by what has more recently become its acrimonious Fairfax Water rival.