Rain Barrel Sale Saturday

A rain barrel sale will be held this Saturday, July 31, from 1 – 4 p.m., at the Property Yard in Falls Church (7100 Gordon Road).

The 50-gallon, 42″ high and 23″ wide barrels, on sale for $60 each, are used to collect and store rain water run off from the roof or gutters, which in turn can be used to water plants, yards and flowers. To pre-register and reserve a rain barrel visit,

Rain barrels can also be purchased on site (first-come, first serve with priority given to pre-registrations). Exact change ($60) is needed, or a check must be made out to NVSWCD. If you plan to buy more than one rain barrel, you must be able to transport them home. One barrel can fit easily in the back seat of most sedans, or two barrels can fit in the back of most trucks, station wagons and SUVs.