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Letters to the Editor: June 24 – June 30, 2010

Mason District, Fairfax Parks Will Miss Bo White


What a tremendous legacy Colonel Thomas Bowman “Bo” White, Jr. provided to Mason District and to the Fairfax County Park System in general. Representing Mason District on the Park Authority Board in the 1980s until 2001, White was a gentle spirit, a conservationist, a fighter and a strategist.

The Fairfax County Park system grew to its current size and stature under his tenure as Park Authority Chairman from 1987 to 1992 and again in 1996. In later years he continued to represent Mason. After he retired from the board in 2001, the Mason District Council of Civic Associations (MDCCA) named him Citizen of the Year. The fact that he was nominated by an MDCCA board that was equally split between Democrats, Republicans, with a Libertarian and an “Indie” thrown in, speaks to his ability to build consensus, earning the respect of leaders on both sides of the aisle in Fairfax County. He got things done including the preservation of Clark House, Greenspring’s Manor House and Horticultural Center, Pine Ridge Park and numerous amenities and services at Mason District Park in addition to securing park lands that would benefit the entire region.

The community said its final goodbyes to him at a memorial service June 15 in Annandale. For those that continued to the interment at Quantico National Cemetery, it seemed a fitting tribute to see the rolling park-like hills edged by lush forest. He was surrounded by nature and the pomp and circumstance afforded to a Colonel who had served in Japan/Korea, Okinawa, Guantanamo Bay and Vietnam and later served at the Pentagon.

Perhaps as a gift to a man who presided over many concerts in the park and farmer’s markets, Nature seemed to orchestrate a response with sunshine as the family retold stories and jokes in tribute, then gathering clouds as a Marine general spoke somberly about sacrifice and honor. And finally the gush of a downpour punctuating the word goodbye as the general said, “And now we say goodbye to…” with rain through the gun salute and the playing of taps.

Kimberli Costabile, former Chairman

Mason District Council of Civic Associations


Socialist System Is the ‘Hottest Economy On the Planet’


David Brooks stated in his column “The Larger Struggle” that “That ideological dispute [cold war] settled the argument over whether capitalism was the best economic system.” Mr. Brooks, I have a single word for you “China.”  Last I heard it was a planned socialist system and by far, the hottest economy on the planet.

Kathleen Gerrity

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