Letters to the Editor: May 27 – June 2, 2010

What’s With Columnist’s Dig at ‘Mah Jongg Mafia’?


The Mah Jongg Mafia? What was Michael Gardner referring to in his “The Little City Weed” commentary in last week’s issue?

Was he poking fun at the group of women in Falls Church who are politically active and enjoy the challenge of a strategic game? A game where those (including myself) who play Mah Jongg together are courteous and respectful of their opponents and good sports about losing.

Or was he thinking about James Cagney in the film “Public Enemy” where Cagney, a member of the mafia, goes on a shooting rampage. Oh wait, that would be more like Gardner himself writing about City Council candidates who don’t agree with his politics.

And now he says our little city stinks. He could use a good stroll around the City (preferably in the morning) and take an accounting of the abundance of pleasingly fragrant, beautiful smelling flowers so thoughtfully planted in our community.

And like the act of watching out for poison ivy during a walk in the woods, it’s good to be aware of the types of weeds that have been known to bear bitter fruit.

Donna Byrne

Falls Church


Relay’s Rain Failed to Dampen Event Enthusiasm


As co-chairs of the 2010 Falls Church Relay For Life, we wanted to thank all of those who contributed to the success of the 4th Annual Relay For Life.

Although this year’s Relay was dampened by rain, you would not have known that by the enthusiasm of the teams, chaperones, cancer survivors and volunteers who turned out to support us. Through all of your hard work and support, we raised more than $100,000-and still counting.

We want to extend a special thanks to the Falls Church City Schools for their support of the event, as well as the Falls Church Recreation and Parks Department and our corporate sponsors, Best Buy, MetLife and Bill Page Honda.

With your continued support, we can win the fight against cancer in our lifetime!

Katie Clinton, Terry Rollo

Falls Church Relay For Life Co-Chairs


Homeless Case Recalls Quote About ‘Equality’


The May 13-19 F.C. News Brief about a homeless man, entitled “F.C. Police Arrest Man Loitering New Schools,” brought to mind the quotation by Anatole France: “In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges.”

James V. Dolson



Continued Offshore Drilling Critical To U.S. Interest


Last month, several people suffered food poisoning at a local area restaurant. It was a debilitating experience for those poor folks and created quite a disgusting mess in their homes. At least one ended up in the hospital. Food poisoning has happened before at other restaurants. Yet, nobody has proposed prohibiting any new restaurants from opening.

However, with the same illogical thinking, the “Drill-Baby-Drill” political cartoon in the May 13-19 News-Press suggests that oil drilling be banned because the USA has experienced three major spills in the last half century. It is noteworthy that only two of those spills were from drilling, the Exxon Valdez was a tanker spill.

Like it or not oil is strategically and economically essential to the USA and is likely to be for at least decades to come. A ban on drilling automatically means that much more oil that will be imported, with, by the way, its own heightened risk of more Valdez-like disasters.

If companies and their employees were or will be careless with the public’s health and the environment then they should be punished corporately and individually. But it makes no sense to inadvertently punish the whole nation with higher fuel costs, vulnerability to foreign control, greater inflation, a weaker dollar and domestic unemployment that results from an emotionally reactive refusal to utilize our own petroleum resources.

Morris A. Nunes

Falls Church


Says Stop Blaming It All On George Bush


Upon seeing last week’s column titled “Michelle’s Crusade Vs. Childhood Obesity”, I was eager and excited to discover the ways in which our First Lady is harboring interest and gaining awareness of the obesity epidemic of which our nation is apparently afflicted.  After all, the agenda of many First Ladies is too often overlooked and seldom discussed with fervor.

I found myself halfway through your piece and not once was her so-called “crusade” mentioned.  Instead, there is endless blame and incrimination on a term that ended 16 months ago; please explain to me how it is our past administration’s fault that children enjoy eating french fries and pizza, as I cannot recall seeing a McDonald’s commercial in the last decade starring any Commander-In-Chief.

Upon completing this week’s editorial, Mr. Benton, my eagerness and excitement had quickly turned into disappointment and disenchantment.  I am pleased that our First Lady is combatting this pandemic, but never once did you state how she is doing so.  Can we please rise above the finger-pointing and actually discuss the matter at hand in a civilized and reputable manner?

Vanessa Hatcher

Falls Church


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