2024-06-13 1:16 AM

Former F.C. Vice Mayor Hails Kaylin, Barry In Tuesday Election, CBC’s Lawrence Goes Solo

Writing on a local Falls Church blog today, former Falls Church Vice Mayor and Councilman Sam Mabry voiced strong support for the independent tandem of Ira Kaylin and Johannah Barry running for City Council in tomorrow’s election. “I am particularly enthusiastic” about the two candidates, Mabry wrote. “For representative democracy to work at its optimum, it must ultimately reconcile robust debate, conflicting ideas and implement solutions that are workable and have long term value. Kaylin and Barry have added immeasurably to that dynamic.”

In another election-eve development, one of the candidates running on the slate endorsed by the Citizens for a Better City (CBC), John Lawrence, has broken out literature promoting his candidacy, alone. A handbill “authorized and paid for by Friends of John Lawrence” was dropped at homes around Falls Church over the weekend.





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