Marshall Girls Tennis Hopes to Rebuild on Last Year’s Success

Marshall-TennisThis week, the Marshall High School girls tennis team will have played matches on three consecutive days.

Having to take the court Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is a result of a quirk in the schedule combined with a rain out.


Marshall seniors Sarah Doan (left) and Kelly Crider provide steady leadership for a young team. (Photo: Robin Crider)

“Drink lots of water,” joked the Statesmen girls tennis head coach, Robin Crider, as key to getting through the grueling stretch.

On Monday, the squad returned from spring break, only to lose to a tough Langley team 9-0.

On Tuesday, however, the Statesmen resumed a rain-delayed match against Fairfax.

Marshall picked up their first win of the season 8-1, including sweeping all six singles matches.

The team also played on Wednesday against South Lakes after this newspaper’s deadline.

The consecutive days of play can be chalked up to just another learning experience for the young Marshall team.

Last season, the squad won districts and regionals and went to the state competition. However, of that group, the Statesmen lost four of their six singles player, and everyone who played doubles.

Crider stresses not talking too much about last year. The two groups of girls are almost completely different, and she wants to keep the focus on 2010.

“We’re young and going to grow as a team,” the coach said. “This is a rebuilding year. It’s an opportunity for the younger players to play in the top six.”

Crider is excited for the learning experience her younger girls will get. She stresses the difference between practice and battling another school’s top competitors.

“It’s way different,” Crider said. “If we can give them an opportunity to compete, we’ve had a great season. Playing a match is way different than taking a lesson.”

Two carry-overs from last season are seniors Kelly Crider and Sarah Doan. The two captains are balancing a busy semester while playing for the team. Kelly is the No. 1 singles player, up from No. 5 last season; and Sarah is No. 2, up from No. 6 in 2009.

“To have seniors come back is phenomenal,” Coach Crider said. “They can teach the underclassmen. I’m happy to have the seniors and their leadership.”

The Marshall girls tennis team faces Madison at home on Monday.