City of F.C. Files for $62 Million In Federal Grants

The City of Falls Church has filed for more than 30 federal government grants since in the last two years totalling more than $62 in an effort to support a variety of the City’s programs and services, a press release from F.C. City Hall reported today.

Some of the grants are available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, known as the “federal stimulus” bill. So far, more than $3.7 million of the City’s requests for “stimulus” money have been approved for the acquisition of public safety equipment, human services, community development projects, sidewalk improvements and traffic-calming speed signage. Other non-“stimulus” federal funds received by the City have gone to affordable housing, storm water management improvements, including day-lighting of streams and water run-off cisterns, hybrid vehicles, a pedestrian and traffic calming study, and bus and bus facility improvements.

According to today’s statement, over $32 million of the $62 million requested by the City has not been granted. Because of the City’s small size, it says, the City cannot receive federal grants directly, but must compete for them through national or state agencies. A recently-updated chart of all applications and grants is now available on the City’s web site.