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Budding Biker Chicks Get Schooled at Fairfax Harley-Davidson

Last week, 51 women attended an “All Girl Garage Party” at the Patriot Harley-Davidson dealership in Fairfax, an event for women looking to learn more about motorcycles and riding. Almost all the participants were inexperienced riders ranging in age from 20-somethings to 50-somethings. While they didn’t share much on the outside, all shared a passion for motorcycles and a desire to learn from women who “ride with pride.” When the event was over, no one was disappointed.

Organized by Patriot-Harley’s Event Coordinator Julie McManus, a gorgeous “biker chick” with 23 years of riding experience, the event included a run through five different bike information stations.

For two full hours, veteran female riders , teachers from Harley-Davidson’s “Riders Edge” Learn to Ride program, schooled attendees on topics including basic safety gear and apparel, how to pick up a motorcycle, custom-fitting motorcycles, the five bike families and basic motorcycle controls.

During the fact-filled, but extremely learner friendly event, one of several myths dispelled was that the “Sportster,” a Harley classic with “old school” looks, is a “chick bike,” because of its smaller size. Sportsters are as great for guys as for gals – and some women even find larger bikes easier to ride. In fact, any bike can be made to fit any rider — something pointed out during the session on Custom-fitting motorcycles.

The highlight of the evening for all attendees was having the opportunity to get on a bike!

The All Girl Garage Party, which is free to those who register, is highly recommended for all women who have an interest in motorcycles that goes beyond being a “backrest” – the slightly disparaging nickname for the lady who typically sits on the back of the bike. The next Garage Party is scheduled for April 28. Those interested should contact Julie McManus at Additional information can be found at