City of Falls Church Names Rachel Kindell 2009 Employee of the Year

Rachel Kindell, the senior residential counselor at Aurora House, a live-in home for at-risk girls, was named the City of Falls Church’s 2009 Employee of the Year, it was announced today. She was selected by the City’s Employee Review Board “for her creative and diligent work serving at-risk, court-involved youth clients at Aurora House,” according to a statement.

The annual award is given to employees based on “their involvement in an accomplishment of outstanding worth in advancing and improving public service that produces outcomes, such as higher morale or acts beyond the call of duty, and goes above and beyond the nominee’s normal duties.”

According to today’s statement, “Through remarkable fundraising efforts of bake sales, car washes and networking with community programs and businesses, Kindell was able to obtain reduced or no-cost enrichment and recreational activities for the residents. In 2009, Aurora House was short-staffed and Kindell assumed full responsibility for the direct care, case management and therapeutic services of the residents. This was in addition to her regular duties.”

She was also recognized “for her contribution to the residents’ scholastic achievements.” It was noted that “during the first academic quarter of 2009, all residents at Aurora House attained honor role or honorable status in their school work. Kindell’s efforts provided a new format for community service projects, fitness and exercise curricula, online tutorial services, and study packets to improve study skills. Her willingness to go above and beyond her assigned duties as the residential supervisor has not only contributed to the division’s goals and objectives of serving at-risk youth, but further models the qualities of teamwork, adaptability and customer focus for City employees.”   Kindell was chosen from six nominees for 2009. A public reception in her honor will be held Monday, April 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the Cherry Hill Farmhouse, followed by a formal presentation of her award at the City Council meeting.