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Letters to the Editor: March 18 – 24, 2010

Spending on Senior Housing Makes No Sense


You had two articles in the March 11-17, 2010 edition of the News-Press: one dealt with the proposed enormous increase in real estate taxes and significant decrease in City services; the second article concerned the Council’s preliminary approval of $2 million loan from the City (plus special zoning exceptions) for the construction of a public housing structure in the City designated for senior citizens.

Thus, we have (1) gigantic increase in City real estate taxes and (2) decreased school budgets, closure of the public library on Sundays, etc. At the same time, the City will spend taxpayer dollars on a public housing project that that will most likely benefit residents of Fairfax and Arlington counties (and not City residents) AND remove valuable commercial property from the market (thus no new commercial tax revenues!).

Does this all add up? The need to help the elderly is applauded, but it should not come at the expense of the children and working citizens of the City – especially in the current economic environment. The poor management of citizen dollars strongly suggests that the City must have new leadership.

Mark Kaye

Falls Church


Huge Impact Of 2 Trash Bins Per House


The News-Press recently reported on the city’s decision to outsource trash pickup. Included in this article it was noted that each home would be required to use and store, not one, but two, 65-gallon carts for garbage and recyclables. Has anyone considered the impact of this decision on all homeowners? I live in a townhouse with no place for storage of such containers inside or outside. This decision I’m sure is unacceptable to other city residents in similar situations. I am requesting that the city reconsider this decision and evaluate the options with respect to ALL residents.

Diane Mularz

Falls Church


Proposed F.C. Tax Hike is ‘A Little Steep’


Being unemployed (I do have a part time job consisting of 20 hours a week at $8.50 an hour), I find a $0.20 per $100 of assessed home value a little steep, even with the drop in home values. And that is from one who believes in paying for the social extras that make our Little City great.

I live on Hillwood Ave. and have a radar gun I use for determining pitch speed at baseball games. I have used it to find the speed of cars going up and down the street. Even though the speed is posted at 25mph, I clock plenty of drivers going in excess of 40. Since I live on Hillwood I would find it embarrassing to get a speeding ticket so I go 25, only to be tailgated. I think a solution to both problems would be to put up radar speed cameras. Speeding drivers should not look at them as big brother or an infringement upon their rights (what about the rights of people who live there?) but as an excessive speed user fee.

Jay Rubin

Falls Church


Hails School Board for Stand On Cuccinelli


Kudos to the Falls Church School Board for taking a stand against the ruling by Va. Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli.

The arrogance of an elected official trying to force discriminatory rulings on independent bodies of learning passes belief. Does one infer from Cuccinelli’s actions that unless one is a heterosexual Christian one cannot be afforded protection from the public office he holds? More troublingly the AG displays bigotry and an anti-democratic thrust that is deeply troubling. “We the people”, does not come with conditions and exceptions.

James Oglethorpe

Falls Church


Appreciation for Speaking Out on Cuccinelli


Most Friday evenings I stop by the Long John Silvers in Falls Church on my way home to Arlington from work in Fairfax to pick up my Friday fish meal and read the Falls Church News-Press. I love the mix of local news and the NYT editorials. I get my fix of Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd, as well as your biting social editorials and local political analysis. Thanks for your creative efforts at keeping local communications alive and interesting.

I’ve been pleased with your quick and active response to our ridiculous attorney general’s appalling and inflammatory behavior (though he has helped the progressive cause, as you rightly pointed out!). Thank you for speaking up and getting the word out as you have.

Thank you for all you do!

Laura Schmitt



Little City’ Stickers are In This News-Press


On behalf of the Falls Church Economic Development Authority, I am pleased to present stickers bearing the new “Little City” logo in today’s edition of the News-Press. We encourage the City’s residents and businesses to support the EDA’s effort to promote our community by displaying the stickers on your automobiles or in your store windows. This is one small step in a larger campaign to raise the profile of the City of Falls Church as a great place to live, work, shop, visit, eat or locate a business.

Your Falls Church EDA has committed resources, separate from the City’s budget, to invest in a professional branding and marketing initiative guided by the talented local advertising firm of SmithGifford. We undertook this initiative because we recognized that many forward thinking communities in the region and throughout the U.S. have successfully engaged in similar campaigns that resulted in increased tourist spending, sales and meals tax revenue, as well as business and development investment. This campaign is being launched at a critical time in the City’s history, as we struggle to balance our budget while maintaining our outstanding quality of life.

Already “The Little City” brand has been featured prominently at the 2010 Wammies Awards Show where hundreds from the regional music industry gathered in February at the State Theatre. Attendees at the Wammies and pre-event gatherings at local restaurants were impressed by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the City. Hundreds of local restaurant guides were distributed featuring “The Little City” logo and we expect many to return to enjoy our diverse and ever-expanding dining scene.

Look for creative applications of “The Little City” brand and image at the Tinner Hill Blues Festival, the Memorial Day Fun Run, Falls Church Education Foundation’s 5K Race, and other events on the Falls Church calendar that will bring visitors and regional attention to our community in the coming years.

David Tarter, Chairman

Falls Church Economic Development Authority


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