F.C. Police Report 4 Cars Stolen In City Yesterday Morning

Falls Church City Police reported today that four autos were stolen either late Tuesday night or in the early morning hours before daylight Wednesday.

All the stolen cars were on Tuckahoe, Villa Ridge, Van Buren and Offut Streets in the southeastern part of the City, and all were locked and parked in residence driveways or in front of homes.

One vehicle has been recovered with damage to the steering column and ignition. The other three cars have yet to be recored. F.C. Police are working with regional counterparts regarding “a possible trend in which the vehicles stolen are often Chrysler and Dodge products,” according to a F.C. City statement. “Hot spots for such thefts seem to be in neighborhoods surrounding Metro rail stations.” Persons with information are urged to call the F.C. Police Department at (703) 248-5051.