2 F.C. Councilmen Mull Moving City Council Election from May to November

Friday, Oct. 23 (1:15 p.m. EDT) — Two members of the Falls Church City Council are considering introducing a resolution to move the date of the City Council and School Board elections from May to November, beginning next year.

The News-Press learned that Councilmen Dan Sze and Lawrence Webb met recently with City Attorney John Foster, who opined that the switch could be enacted by a vote of the Council on a resolution. The case for moving the date is to capture a higher voter turnout, as May elections have historically brought out far fewer voters than November elections in Falls Church, which has a reputation for among the highest voter turnouts in Virginia in November elections, when U.S. Congressional and often U.S. Senate or even U.S. Presidential seats are up for grabs. The executive board of Falls Church’s Citizens for a Better City (CBC) were notified of the matter at their meeting this Wednesday, and have scheduled a special public forum to gain input on the matter for next Thursday, Oct. 28, in the Community Room at The Byron at 7:30 p.m.