2024-07-19 3:07 PM

F.C. Photo Red Light Program Set to Re-Launch, Installation, Tests to Begin Later This Week

The “photo red light” program that video tapes vehicles that run red lights at key intersections in the City of Falls Church, is ready for a re-launch shortly after the start of the New Year, the F.C. City Council was told Monday night. F.C. Police Chief Harry Reitze announced that installation and rehearsals on the new system involving the Virginia State Police and the Virginia Dept. of Transportation is expected to go forward by the end of this week.

The City will get its system up and running shortly into 2010, well ahead of surrounding jurisdictions who have run into financial problems getting their programs ready to go, it was reported. While Falls Church negotiated to have the company operating the system absorb key costs associated with state police and other delays, other jurisdictions did not, leaving them with hefty financial obligations they’re not keen to meet in the current fiscal environment, Chief Reitze and Falls Church City Manager Wyatt Shields told the Council.





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