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The 23rd Annual Wammies Storm the State Theatre

CLKS5998.jpgThe Wammies, the D.C. area’s premier music award show, attracted hundreds of the hottest musical talents, their production teams and the fans for its fifth consecutive year at Falls Church’s State Theatre last Sunday.

The 23rd annual Wammies boasted 97 nominee categories, along with musical performances by previous Wammies winners. (Photos: Cindy Kunst/CLicKs Photography)

23rd Annual Wammies Winners

2009 Washington Area Music Awards



Musician of the Year – Jon Carroll

Song of the Year – “Party of One” by Billy Coulter

Video of the Year – “Radio Retaliation” by Thievery Corporation

Artist of the Year – Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band

New Artist of the Year – Prabir & the Substitutes

Album of the Year – “Dose” by Billy Coulter

Wama/SAW Songwriter of the Year – Jon Carroll

Debut Recording – “Chopteeth” by Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band

Record Design – “I Am the Ghost” by Fools & Horses/Ben Youngs

Manager of the Year – Tom Carrico

Washington Area Record Company – Azalea City Recordings

Producer of the Year – TIE: John Jennings, Marco Delmar

Live Sound Engineer – Danny Schwartz

Studio Engineer – Bill Wolf

Recording Studio – Bias Recording

Artist Website – www.nilslofgren.com/Linda Bangham, Rip Bang Pictures

Executive of the Year – Jean Bayou/President/SAW

Most Supportive of Washington Music – Ron Goad


A Capella Group – Tone Rangers

A Capella Recording – “Cartoon Johnny” by Power Up

Big Band/Swing Vocalist – Esther Haynes

Big Band/Swing Group – Natty Beaux

Big Band/ Swing Recording – “Thats it” by Brooks Tegler Big Band

Bluegrass Vocalist – Dede Wyland

Bluegrass Duo/Group – Dead Men’s Hollow

Bluegrass Instrumentalist – Ira Gitlin

Bluegrass Recording – “Death Must Be a Woman” by Dead Men’s Hollow

Blues Female Vocalist – Mary Shaver

Blues Male Vocalist – Tommy Lepson

Blues Duo/Group – The Nighthawks

Blues Instrumentalist – Daryl Davis

Blues Recording – “Raising the Roof” by Tom Principato

Cabaret/Musical Theater Artist – The Capitol Steps

Children’s Music Artist – Rocknocerous

Children’s Music Recording – “I Used to Know the Names of All the Stars” by Kid Pan Alley

Choral Group – The Choral Arts Society of Washington

Classical Instrumentalist – Phil Mathieu

Classical Vocal Soloist – Rosa Lamoreaux

Classical Chamber Ensemble – Folger Consort

Classical Orchestral Ensemble – Fairfax Symphony

Classical Composer – Thomas Beveridge

Classical Conductor – Marin Alsop

Classical Recording – “Chamber Music with Guitar” by Phil Mathieu

Country Vocalist – Ruth Logsdon

Country Duo/Group – Ruthie & the Wranglers

Country Instrumentalist – Ira Gitlin

Country Recording – “Fort Worth-Dallas” by Honky Tonk Confidential

Electronica Vocalist – Bob Mould

Electronica Performing Artist (Live) – Thievery Corporation

Electronica DJ – Thievery Corporation

Electronica Artist/Producer (Studio) – Thievery Corporation

Electronica Recording – “Brief Episodes of Joy” by Arthur Loves Plastic

Folk-Contemporary Vocalist – Carey Creed

Folk-Contemporary Duo/Group – Eddie From Ohio

Folk-Contemporary Instrumentalist – Avril Smith

Folk-Contemporary Recording – TIE: “Peace of Wild Things” by Carey Creed, “True North” by Lisa Taylor

Folk-Traditional Vocalist – Grace Griffith

Folk-Traditional Duo/Group – Squeeze Bayou

Folk-Traditional Instrumentalist – Marcy Marxer

Folk-Traditional Recording – TIE: “Blue Moonlight” by Loralyn Coles, “Comedians and Angels” by Tom Paxton

Go Go Talker – Lil Benny

Go Go Duo/Group – Mambo Sauce

Go Go Instrumentalist – Cherie Mitchell

Gospel/Inspirational Vocalist – Esther Williams

Gospel/Inspirational Quartet/Group – The Braeded Child

Gospel/Inspirational Recording – “The Reason” by Melody Barnes

Jazz Vocalist – Esther Haynes

Jazz Duo/Group – Larry Brown Trio

Jazz Instrumentalist – Seth Kibel

Jazz Recording – “Heart Song” by Al Williams III

Latin Vocalist – Cecilia Esquivel

Latin Duo/Group – Rumba Club

Latin Recording – “Triumfal” by QuinTango

Rap/Hip Hop Rapper – Chistylez Bacon

Rap/Hip Hop Duo/Group – Cornel West Theory

Rap/Hip Hop Recording – “Advanced Artistry” by Christylez Bacon

Reggae Vocalist – Jacob Hemphill

Reggae Duo/Group – Jah Works

Reggae Instrumentalist – Tuff Lion

Modern Rock Vocalist – Margot MacDonald

Modern Rock Duo/Group – Fools & Horses

Modern Rock Instrumentalist – Shane Hines

Modern Rock Recording – “I Am the Ghost” by Fools & Horses

Pop Rock Vocalist – Jon Carroll

Pop Rock Duo/Group – Jon Carroll & Love Returns

Pop Rock Instrumentalist – Jon Carroll

Pop Rock Recording – “Live Returns Live at the Barns” by Jon Carroll & Love Returns

Roots Rock Vocalist – Billy Coulter

Roots Rock Duo/Group – The Junkyard Saints

Roots Rock Instrumentalist – Dave Chappell

Roots Rock Recording – “Dose” by Billy Coulter

Urban Contemporary Vocalist – Julia Nixon

Urban Contemporary Duo/Group – Julia & Company

Urban Contemporary Instrumentalist – Benjie Porecki

Urban Contemporary Recording – “Love Behind the Melody” by Raheem Devaughn

World Music Vocalist – Mike Surratt

World Music Duo/Group – Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band

World Music Instrumentalist – Seth Kibel

World Music Recording – “Chopteeth” by Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band


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