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Letters to the Editor for February 19 – 25, 2009

President Bush Left Long List Of Farces

Regarding his letter in last week’s edition, where was Mr. Flusche for the past eight years when we really needed him?

The Bush administration has left us with a list of farces too long to list here. Since 1993 (The Contract with America) the Republican Party has had 15 years of opportunity to make this country better. But for fifteen years they were so busy “getting” the Liberal Democrats that they totally forgot about the country. My Proof! People losing their homes, their jobs, their retirement accounts, the banking and the automobile industries, Kaput! Mr. Flusche evidently dismisses all of this and chooses to declare a man who has been in office for a month a failure.

These are the folks that consider themselves the “Patriots”, the “True Americans”, who are wishing for President Obama’s failure and along with it the demise of our country.

Neal T. Primm

Walkersville, MD

Separate Spaces Will Work for Smokers & Non


In Bob Hull’s Richmond Report last week, he wrote about the controversial restaurant smoking ban bill in Virginia.

It is clear that separation of smokers from non-smokers combined with air exchange technology is a complete solution to this largely artificial problem. All it takes is regulating authorities setting the standards for indoor air quality on passive smoke, and the technology does the rest. Such air quality standards are common in industrial and environmental contexts. But, to date, no country in the world has set them for smoking areas. It seems clear that the reasons are not scientific, nor are they economic or technical: they are political.

As to the annoyance of smoking, a compromise between smokers and non-smokers can be reached, through setting a quality standard and the use of modern ventilation technology.

Air ventilation can easily create a comfortable environment that removes not just passive smoke, but also and especially the potentially serious contaminants that are independent from smoking.

Thomas Laprade

Via the Internet

Why Try To Buy Support for GOP?


Why in a free society should anyone compromise their beliefs just because they were wined and dined. These Republicans support what almost 50% of the country believes in. I found Helen Thomas’ column last week totally illogical and against the principles that founded America. Why can’t the Democrats include the Republican view instead of trying to buy their support?

Wayne M. Nochta

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