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Providence Players Production of ‘Moon over Buffalo’

Moon Over BuffaloMoon over Buffalo is the latest production by the veteran community theatre troupe, The Providence Players of Fairfax at the James Lee Community Center Theatre in Falls Church.

The zany greek-like comedy, written by Ken Ludwig in 1953 and set in Buffalo, New York in the 1950’s is filled with misunderstandings, mistaken identity and physical comedy as a source of humor. The madcap farce focuses on the careers of a husband and wife stage touring acting team of George and Charlotte Hay strongly portrayed by Patrick David and Beth Whitehead respectively.

The scene opens in the middle of their performance of Cyrano de Bergerac and then moves back stage introducing Charlotte’s old deaf mother, Ethel, who doubles as their stage manager and can’t stand her son-in-law, George. Ethel is hilariously well played by Jayne Victor. George and Charlotte have aspired to be successful Hollywood stars and hope finally to get a break in Frank Capra’s The Scarlet Pimpernel. They learn from their agent that Capra is heading to Buffalo to catch their live act of Noel Coward’s Private Lives as an audition after his original lead, Ronald Coleman, has an accident. But chaos ensues as their daughter Roz (Susanna Rosenbaum) shows up with her surprise fiancé and as George gets caught in a secret affair with another actress, Eileen (Mary Goss). Charlotte is torn by her big screen ambition and her anger and hurt over the illicit relationship. She is also tempted to run away by her long-term admirer, attorney to the stars Richard played by Mario Font.

The acting is high quality and the set is very elaborate for local theatre. The costumes were excellent, especially the uniforms.

For more info on Providence Players, visit their website at  Their spring production will be Steel Magnolias opening this May.