News Briefs

January 7-23, 2007

F. C. to Host Cancer Society Fundraiser

The annual “Relay for Life” fundraising drive of the American Cancer Society comes to the City of Falls Church this spring, spearheaded by City residents and cancer survivors Ellen Salsbury and Gwenn Hoffman. The main event, patterned on similar ones nationwide, will be an all-night rally held at the George Mason High School football stadium on Saturday, May 31. Community members will form teams and camp out and participate in a relay marathon that night in what has been described as a remarkably moving and meaningful event. Speaking at the F.C. Chamber of Commerce luncheon yesterday, Salsbury and Hoffman said that there are an estimated 200 cancer survivors in the small City of Falls Church, alone. They, their loved ones and the loved ones of those who’ve fallen to cancer are especially urged to participate. A kick-off meeting for the event will be held Saturday, Jan. 26, from 2:30 to 4 p.m. at the George Mason High School cafeteria. For more information, call (703) 241-9494.


Episcopal Court Ruling Expected Today

If Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge Randy Bellows sticks to the timetable he established last November, his ruling will come today on the first two phases of the three-phase legal process to determine the ownership of the property of 11 Virginia congregations that voted to leave the Episcopal Church just over a year ago. The first two phases address the applicability of an 1867 Virginia law and the constitutionality of that law. The third and decisive phase that will follow, involves which and whether individual congregations signed off in the late 1970s on an intra-denominational agreement that their properties are owned by the diocese. If they did, legal experts note, that could have the weight of contract law superceding the 1867 statute. Last week, Virginia’s Republican Attorney General Bob McConnell filed a brief in Bellows’ court siding with the defecting congregations against the Diocese of Virginia, but it was limited in its scope to the first two phases of the case.


Keynote Speaker Announced for FCEF Fete

A former George Mason High School teacher, who is now president of the City College of New York and an inspirational writer, has been secured as the keynote speaker for the annual banquet of the Falls Church Education Foundation, it was announced Tuesday. Gregory Howard Williams will speak on themes in his autobiography, Life on the Color Line, about growing up facing discrimination as the child of an interracial marriage. He taught four years at GMHS in the 1960s. The banquet will be held April 18 at the Westin Arlington Gateway.


School Board’s Wodiska Seeking Re-Election

Joan Wodiska announced this week she’ll seek reelection to a second term on the Falls Church School Board. She first ran in 2004 with the endorsement of the Citizens for a Better City.