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Jody’s Jam of The Week

1st Annual Capitol City Carnival, September 21-23 at Bull Run Regional Park

Hey beer drinkers, tired of all the highfalutin wine tasting festivals where so-called wine “connoisseurs,” sit back and sip vino with an air of faux sophistication? Well, here’s your chance. This gorgeous weekend, the Capitol City Carnival is going to blow your mind. Taking place at Bull Run Regional Park, this microbrew tasting event is pulling out all the stops with over 50 breweries offering up tastes of the good stuff. And, while you’re swishing the choicest of barley and hops around your mouth and happen to look on stage to see where the sweetest of tunes are originating from, don’t be shocked to see the Godfather of Funk himself, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic rockin out. It’s not the booze, he’s there. Also jammin’ will be Junior Brown, Fishbone, The Avett Brothers, Souther Culture on the Skids and a slew of regional favorites. Don’t miss the Coney Island Sideshow either with Insectavora, Serpentina and more crazy attractions. Oh, did I mention the World Famous Pontani Sisters Burlesque show? Better bring two pairs of socks, ‘cause the first one’s getting knocked off.


What: 1st Annual Capitol City Carnival

When: Friday – Sunday, September 21-23

Where: Bull Run Regional Park,

7700 Bull Run Drive, Centreville, VA 20121

For tickets and more info,

visit or call 540-745-FEST