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Picking Splinters: Mail Time For Mike

Mike Hume Searches through his mailbag for hope for the Hoya’s, Stanley Cup playoffs and some shelter from this cold.


Big time Hoyas fan here, but just reading the tea leaves, all I see is doom. Roy Hibbert and Jeff Green declare for the NBA draft, top recruiting assistant Kevin Broadus leaves for a head coaching gig and we immediately lose target Kris Joseph to Syracuse … why don’t the basketball gods just give Jack the Bulldog the Bob Barker treatment while they’re at it? We’re doomed.

Feeling very Hoya blue,



J.D., I looked for an address for your note, but I didn’t see one. I’m going to guess you’re from either Boston or Chicago, where the decades of losses have led to your current delicate psyche. First of all, Hibbert and Green haven’t even hired agents yet, so there’s a possibility they’ll return to Georgetown next year after all. An AP article on Tuesday even quoted Jeff Green as saying he’s a 70-30 lean towards heading back to the Hilltop.

The conventional thinking is that Green would be the more likely of the pair to stay in the draft, but Hibbert placed his odds of a return at about 50-50. That might surprise some, but when you think about it, Hibbert ended his season by largely having his way with probably No. 1 pick Greg Oden. The Georgetown center scored 19 points and pulled down six rebounds in that game.

It was thought that the rumored signing of 6-foot-8 senior small forward Nikita Mescherakov from St. John’s Catholic Prep signaled that at least one of the two NBA candidates were gone for good, but perhaps not.

But let’s play “Worst Case Scenario,” or as it could also be called, “The Last Two Weeks with the Washington Wizards.” Both Green and Hibbert jump ship. That still leaves a McDonald’s All-American (Vernon Macklin) at center and Patrick Ewing, Jr., one of the Big East’s best sixth men and a member of the Jared Dudley All-Athletic Team, at power forward. Are they Green and Hibbert? No. But they’re not Rheese Gibson and Jameel “The Real Deal” Watkins either. Oh yeah, and the Hoyas will still have two McDonald’s All-Americans coming off the bench next season in Chris Wright and Austin Freeman. Frankly, as long as the men in blue and gray run the Jon-Wallace-Shoots-At-Will-From-The-Elbow play every third possession or so, I like them to make the Sweet 16.



Are you enjoying the NHL playoffs? I have to believe you are because I saw you out the other day and I can’t believe you’re growing that mullet out for nothing. Although, maybe you’re just getting him to the style of the times.

Viva la mullet,

Barry M.


Sorry to disappoint, Barry, but the last time I saw the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I was looking on the back of a milk carton. I mean, really, where are they? Back when they were on ESPN, there were multiple games televised every night. Now? I’m lucky to stumble across one on that lumberjacking network that the NHL partnered with after the lockout. If I’m an NHL owner, I have to be pretty bummed that the biggest games the league offers every year are for the most part being broadcast on local cable affiliates. It’s one thing to say that Comcast gave you the sweeter deal or that ESPN gave you no respect, but this current arrangement is killing the sport. No one can follow it any more. So while the marketing geniuses are out there talking up this kid Sidney Crosby, people are going to respond by asking where they can find his latest Christmas album. Time to reevaluate before it’s too late.



As I am psychic, I am surprised by nothing, but what has surprised you about the start to the 2007 baseball season?

The cards never lie,

Miss C.


Well, the Nats have been as bad as predicted, Dice-K has been as good as advertised, and has caused all of my Boston-loving friends to issue noises usually reserved for giddy school girls on Valentine’s Day, and Carl Pavano is (GASP!) on the disabled list. The most surprising thing for me has to be the early-season showing by Alex Rodriguez. Eight home runs? In April? In weather that makes Omsk look like Jamaica? If Yankee fans like what they see, they better let A-Rod know he’s appreciated, otherwise, he’s going to be telling more than just Brian Cashman to “Call me now!” come November.





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