Transportation Gains Cited by F.C.’s Snyder

Two of the City’s transportation legislative priorities have either been accomplished or are well on the way. Red light running cameras, important to our city’s safety, have been reauthorized. Meanwhile, there is strong hope for breaking the decade long impasse on funding that has imperiled our transportation infrastructure. In both cases, these positive developments came after years of hard advocacy and occasionally bitter controversy.

Governor Kaine’s transportation measure, forwarded to the General Assembly on Monday, provides new state monies for such purposes as maintaining Metro and gives both regional and local revenue raising capability to take care of our needs within our border. This would not have been possible had the General Assembly not moved first with a package of new revenues that provided the framework for the Governor’s proposal.

In sum, the transportation proposal would provide $375 million more annually n new statewide revenues, the potential for $325 million in regional revenues and an additional $100 million in local revenues, if adopted. While not ideal, this package will go a long way to address the congested roads and overcrowded subway cars we experience on a daily basis. Our portion of the new revenues should also help support the transportation components of the City’s economic development efforts.

It has been my honor to work with our legislators, the City Council, City staff and other state and local leaders, to help bring this about.

Mr. Snyder is the City of Falls Church representative on the Northern Virginia Transportation commission. This is his brief report on accomplishments this legislative session in Virginia