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“The Snow Queen,” Classika Theatre, 4041 S. 28th Street, Shirlington, This Weekend and Next, Saturdays and Sundays at noon.

This children’s play has been on an extended run since early December, first in Montgomery County and now in Shirlington, but only two more weekends to go. Crowds of kids, often in birthday party packs, have been jamming the colorful Classika Theatre space located right in the Shirlington Village next to the “Extra Virgin” restaurant. This is a kid’s play about 45 minutes in length, appropriate for four years and up. But it’s a delight for anyone to see. The major part of the young man captured by the evil Snow Queen is played deftly by Falls Church’s irrepressible Miles Butler. In the play, his sister goes through all kinds of adventures and travails to find and free him. Order tickets on line at