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Off Track: Go East(on) Young Man!

With an ingrown love of travel after having grown up in Japan, it seems only natural that singer-songwriter Tim Easton would have recorded his latest album with his travels in mind. He took things a step farther though, actually recording the album, Ammunition, while on the road.

“[I enjoy] most everything about [traveling] but the temporary exhaustion,” Easton says by e-mail from Spain. “Today will be the seventh day in a row of airplanes and new cities.”

Travels of that sort have provided Easton with plenty of, well, ammo for his latest songs. A trip to Prague gave way to “Before the Revolution,” and working in Alaska inspired “I Don’t Want to Come Home.”

Easton comes to IOTA Club and Cafe in Arlington on Sunday, Dec. 10, fresh off a six-country tour dating back to the beginning of November.

“Sometimes I think about stopping, but then I get restless and there’s still a lot of lands to see.”