2024-07-22 4:13 PM

The Peak Oil Crisis: We Are Starting To Dim.

While waiting to see how the contest between a demand-killing recession and shrinking oil stockpiles plays out, it might be worthwhile to spend a little time reviewing the world’s electricity situation. If there is any form of energy that would be sorely missed by people who had once had it, electricity would be it.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Issues

As 2007 winds down, it is good time to review some of the major issues that those of us following the peak oil story are watching closely.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Decision at Abu Dhabi

For those of you who came in late, it might be useful to recall that 35 years ago marginal world oil production (and therefore prices) was controlled by the Texas Railroad Commission. In those days, most oil production in the U.S. was hauled off by trains so by mandating how much could be moved the […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: On Contemplating $100 Oil

For the last few days, the press has been full of stories about the possibility of oil reaching $100 a barrel this winter. As prices have been bouncing around in the low $80s for the last couple of weeks, another $20 increase will do it. The theory behind the $100 forecast is that supply and […]