2024-07-15 2:15 PM

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Nicholas F. Benton: The Lesson of New Hampshire

If any of the media pundits who acknowledged they were completely wrong in handicapping the Democratic primary in New Hampshire last week had any self respect, they would have followed their post-mortem, self-effacing admissions of ineptitude by saying something like the following:

Nicholas F. Benton: Bush the Idealist Ignores the NIE

The rush to explain the genesis and process that led to the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear program, released this week and a major embarrassment to the Bush administration, needs more time to become clear. This development constitutes an intervention of the first degree against an otherwise inevitable cascade toward war. Whole chapters of […]

Nicholas F. Benton: Hell Hath No Fury

While, admittedly, the brief 60-year retrospective on the history of NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Nov. 18 was a genuine tour de force, sometimes watching the Sunday morning blab shows can be downright depressing. It is often evidence of a painful disconnect between Washington’s insiders and the real grass roots across the land.

Editorial: No Surprise To Us Locals

The Falls Church Episcopal Church is now front page news all over the world for its vote, announced Sunday, to formally defect from the Episcopal denomination. But the 10,500 folks in the tiny City of Falls Church have had the Falls Church Episcopal — with its membership drawn from the wider region almost a third […]