2024-06-25 2:01 PM

FCHS Soccer Star Heads to Navy


It’s a few hours before the Falls Church High School (FCHS) boys soccer team’s final home game of the season. Spirits are up despite the Jaguars’ 0-7 record. Star forward Will Parker is bumming around the gym lobby with goalie Michael Latham. He walks with confidence, and greets everyone with a smile as he walks […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Crash of 2008

For weeks now the stock markets and commodity prices have been falling. Oil is currently trading around $76 a barrel which is close to a 50 percent drop since the middle of July.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Bailouts & Shortages

We are witnessing one of the most eventful weeks in modern history. Stocks and oil prices plunged on Monday and bounced on Tuesday; credit markets seem to be freezing; the Congress remains in gridlock as members watch the approaching elections fearful of what could happen to their incumbency.

Picking Splinters:Forging the Olympic Spirit

As late as a month ago, it felt like the spotlight would never shift. The focus of these Olympics, held in the city of Beijing, would forever focus on China’s socio-political problems.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Diesel

The evidence is mounting that the U.S. might just encounter the first real crisis of the oil depletion age before the year is out.

Our Man In Arlington

On January 1, 2008, only five days from now, a remarkable generational transition will be made in Arlington political and civic life. David Bell will retire as Clerk of Court and Paul Ferguson will take over. David’s last public ceremony was to swear-in his successor in the Arlington Courthouse on December 20.

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Quiet Time

On the surface, very little happened during the past week. Hurricane Dean did little damage to oil production and the next major hurricane of the year has yet to form. Oil prices gyrated in the low seventies in response to changing credit crunch news. For a while, Wall Street decided the credit crisis was coming […]