2024-06-15 12:22 AM

Restaurant Spotlight: Pines of Florence


For over 25 years, Pines of Florence has coupled the décor of an authentic Italian villa with its blend of Tuscan and Southern Italian culinary traditions. The fresh ingredients of its exceptional cuisine and service demonstrate this ristorante’s commitment to delicious, affordable fine dining.

Restaurant Spotlight: Bear Rock Caf


A three-sided gas fireplace encased in stone with a wood mantle sits at the entrance warming the café. Above the mantle a sign reads “Escape to a higher taste.” To one side of the blazing fire is a small lounge area, complete with a sofa and two upholstered chairs.

Restaurant Spotlight: Layalina Restaurant


Am I sitting in a café just off Beirut’s Corniche, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea? Or really just in Arlington, off Wilson Blvd.? It’s a difficult distinction to make once inside, seated and surrounded by Layalina’s jewel-toned walls.

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