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Letters to the Editor for th Week of November 6 – 12, 2008

Says Story on ‘The Family’ ‘Crossed the Line’ Editor, Regarding your Falls Church News-Press front page item, dated Oct. 30, I am on record as your personal friend and longstanding booster of your newspaper–one of the primary community development elements we enjoy in Falls Church.

A Penny for Your Thoughts: News from Greater Falls Church

It’s almost over – hundreds of political commercials on the airwaves, “robo” call messages on answering machines, mass mailings from candidates and campaigns, op-ed columns with your morning coffee – but what has been called “the most important presidential election in several decades” won’t be complete without your vote.

Hundreds Volunteer to Register F.C. Voters as Deadline Looms

Obama Campaign Swarming Metro Stops, Big Events Buoyed by national polls showing almost two-thirds of newly-registered voters favor Sen. Barack Obama for president, volunteers for Obama are fanning out by the hundreds from the campaign’s Falls Church headquarters in a final push before the voter registration deadline of Oct. 6.

Falls Church City News Briefs

F.C.’s Abbey Qualifies for Olympic Trials Falls Church physical trainer Tom Abbey has been accepted into the field of athletes for the 2008 USA skeleton team trials in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Our Man in Arlington

The political flap of the week has gurgled up from the Arlington Civic Federation thanks to arch-Republican John Antonelli. Mr. Antonelli has proposed that the Civic Federation consider telling the Arlington Democratic Party to broaden greatly citizen participation in its endorsement/nomination process by dropping the requirement that voters sign a pledge that they are Democrats […]