2024-07-14 3:52 AM

F.C. Council Returns Only 1 to Planning Commission

Rodgers Re’d Up, 3 Other Seats Go to Newcomers Only one of four members of the current Falls Church Planning Commission whose seats were up for reappointment this month was voted back to another four-year term by the F.C. City Council at a special meeting Tuesday night.

Congressman Moran’s News Commentary

Congress voted Monday on a package designed to rescue the financial industry and pull our economy from an expected major downturn. It failed by 12 votes.

Editorial: The Fear of Backlash

It’s been a month since the most recent municipal election in the City of Falls Church, but attitudes around City Hall suggest the will of the citizens reflected in the vote have already been muddied and even lost.

Delegate Scott’s Richmond Report

Having left Richmond after approving the Budget, House and Senate members are planning to return to Richmond on April 23 for the annual “Reconvened” or “Veto” session.

Editorial: 45 Years in The Making

During the course of last Thursday’s historic, four-and-a-half hour Falls Church City Council meeting, culminating in the final approval of the $317 million City Center project, Councilman Dan Sze quoted from an official document.