2024-07-18 5:09 PM

After Half Century, McLean Arts Center Closes

  Nearly 50 years ago, inside an old-time white framed building, Molly Vick founded the McLean Arts Center and McLean School of Ballet and Jazz. After five decades of serving as a hub for the arts in Northern Virginia, the center will close on June 1 due to the unavailability of funding.

Re-Picking Splinters

From time to time in this space I chide certain teams, players and even members of the media. Sometimes the issues change or new developments come to light, so to be fair, I thought I'd take a look back at some of my columns from earlier in the year and see if my opinion needs […]

Picking Splinters: Vick Saga Won’t End Even With Plea Deal

It’s not over. Even as his co-defendants prepare to plead guilty to federal dogfighting charges, and even as Michael Vick ponders the same plea deal, the story is not over. Even if, and it looks more and more like this will be the case, Vick goes to jail for a year, a year and a […]

Senator Whipple

Animals are much in the news lately. Inevitably that seems to bring out lots of controversy as well as word play – something that happens in the General Assembly frequently.