2024-05-28 8:17 PM

Picking Her Brain: Women Reveal Their Valentine Wish Lists

Don't: Show up empty-handed. No gift, no plans, no effort = no ... well ... Let's just say you're in the dog house. "If the guy I was dating didn't do anything for Valentine's Day, I'd find another guy to spend my day with. Either that, or go out with my girlfriends and leave him home alone," says Helen Hilios of Woodbridge.

Listen fellas, your lady appreciates that you remembered Valentine’s Day, but that heart-shaped box of chocolates with Tweety Bird on the lid isn’t going to win you a seat in her heart, or even standing room for that matter. After scouring feminine hot spots in the Falls Church area, like Tysons Corner Center, it was […]

Jody’s Jam of the Week

It’s t-minus seven days until Valentine’s Day, are you ready? The chance of being ready depends heavily on which of the two main groups of people you fall into. The ready-for-nothing group consists of your singles who are still trying to reel in that last minute February 14th date. They don’t really have to prepare […]

Love is a Battlefield

In “The Art of War,” Sun Tzu tells us to “know thy enemy.” In this case, the enemy is not a person, but rather a date on the calendar; its army made up not of soldiers, but rather lofty expectations and quixotic fantasies. It is a day devoted to love and adoration for those in […]

Eat Your Heart Out

Eat Your Heart Out

Valentine’s Day approaches. Pink and Red roses will be sold on almost every street corner as last minute gifts. Godiva chocolate-covered strawberries will be snapped up on the way home from work. Hundreds of mylar balloons will be filled with helium over long lunches.