2024-05-25 2:08 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Delegate Hull’s Richmond Report


Israel Independence Day – I was honored to have been invited to the official celebration of the 61st anniversary of the State of Israel last Wednesday in Washington.

Editorial: The Coming Turnover

It is a generally overlooked fact, obfuscated perhaps by all the attention being given to the upcoming election and the global, national and regional economic struggles, that the Washington, D.C., region is poised to undergo a massive turnover in population over the next few months.

David Brooks: A Defining Moment

The Democratic presidential primary campaign began around Christmas 2006, and it may end Tuesday night. But of all the days between then and now, the most important was Nov. 10, 2007.

Sunshine Adds to Warmth of F.C.

FUNNEL CAKES, LEMONADE, decorated pets, and drum majorettes were among the features that shared with a somber remembrance of the nation’s war heroes at Falls Church’s 26th annual Memorial Day Parade and Festival, the single biggest event of the year in the City. The weather cooperated and events and entertainment beginning at 9 a.m. through […]

Editorial: How Bad Will It Get?

 Dr. Stephen Fuller’s prognostications reported on Page 1 of this edition seem reasonable, including favorable prospects for the City of Falls Church about right-sized and right-located condos. But they came notwithstanding the caveats he always includes in such presentations.

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of the Gulf Coast, I joined a group of Democratic lawmakers, led by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, to tour the region. Our objective was to survey the rebuilding efforts and hear from local residents about the problems they’ve been experiencing in the past months.

In Schools Across U.S., the Melting Pot Overflows

STERLING, Va. — Some 55 million youngsters are enrolling for classes in the nation’s schools this fall, making this the largest group of students in America’s history and, in ethnic terms, the most dazzlingly diverse since waves of European immigrants washed through the public schools a century ago.