2024-05-24 6:39 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Press Pass: Tab Benoit

  Each night when award-winning bluesman Tab Benoit picks up his guitar he does so with a clean slate. No plans, no pre-fab approach to the setlist, no rehearsals. “You don’t rehearse the blues, man,” Benoit says with a laugh.

Daniel Negreanu on Poker: The Ante Effect

Texas Hold’em is a game played in several different formats, including Limit, Spread Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit and No Limit with a cap. Any of these variations can also include an ante.

Daniel Negreanu on Poker: The Buy-In: What

Whether it’s a Friday night game with your buddies, a weekend trip to Vegas to play in a casino, or a daily cardroom game where you’re trying to make a living, the amount of your buy-in can have a significant long-term impact on your results.

Press Pass: Johnette Napolitano

Johnette Napolitano

Johnette Napolitano loves to create. Yes, there’s her best-known music with group Concrete Blonde, as well as her solo career and side projects. But when she’s not crafting critically-acclaimed tunes, you’ll usually find her out on the porch of her California desert home, working with clay or sculpting discarded materials like dog food cans and […]


Arlington County Fair, August 15-19, Thomas Jefferson Community Center

Comic Book Guys Try to Knock Judges ‘Dead’ in Competition

Dave (left) and John Milstein have been reading and writing comics since their youth, but now find themselves on the precipice of a professional contract. (Photo: News-Press)

The witty banter and casual mannerisms of Jon and Dave Milstein as they jokingly bicker and chow down at an Armenian coffeehouse is hardly consistent with what is expected from the creators of the dark, brooding superhero of their comic book “The Assembly of the Dead.” But it is this character — and their comic […]