2024-06-13 6:28 AM

Paul Krugman: The Naivete Of Hope

Broadly speaking, the serious contenders for the Democratic nomination are offering similar policy proposals — the dispute over health care mandates notwithstanding. But there are large differences among the candidates in their beliefs about what it will take to turn a progressive agenda into reality.

Anything But Straight: Obama

The Obama campaign hit a sour note when it chose to woo African American voters in South Carolina this weekend with a gospel concert featuring virulently homophobic and "ex-gay" gospel crooner Donnie McClurkin.

Press Pass: No Second Troy

The boys of No Second Troy are searching for the sweet spot. They are striving to stay on that fine line of originality and accessibility. It's a precarious perch to be sure. Stray too far into developing a distinct identity and they risk spurning supporters unwilling to devote time towards discerning the six different octaves […]