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Local Commentary

Our Man in Arlington

Last Saturday I spent part of the day at Arlington’s Kenmore Middle School at “Community Conversation: Eliminating Achievement Gaps,” a community dialog sponsored by the Arlington Public Schools Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on the Elimination of the Achievement Gap and a number of school-based community organizations.

National Commentary

Anything But Straight: Dr. Blog

Every now and again, a snake will show its fangs. Case in point is Dr. Warren Throckmorton, one of America’s leading “ex-gay” therapists. Last week, a Nebraska-based website ( http://gaystraightalliance.com) so obscure it was inaccessible by popular search engines such as Google, was discovered by right wing activists. What the […]


The Peak Oil Crisis: The Studies

Across the world governments are scrambling faster and faster preparing for the coming energy crisis. Delegations from China are everywhere making deals for a share of the soon-to-dwindle oil flow. Almost weekly there is a new announcement from Beijing regarding plans for more wind, solar and biofuels. Japan and Korea […]