2024-05-26 2:29 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Beaming With Joy


Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology’s Ariel Colonel strikes a mid-air pose at the Girls Gymnastics team first home meet on Dec. 2, in which they placed first. Notably, senior Kelly Watson placed first all around. (Photo: Courtesy Victoria Linnell)

Mason Bats Ignite, Hang 30 on Cougars

  The Mustang offense broke through in a big way last Wednesday, snapping out of a two-game shutout streak and exploding for an unimaginable 30 runs in their road win over Manassas Park.

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

There's a highly charged debate going on in Congress over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (commonly referred to as FISA).

Picking Splinters: League Must Curb Outbreak of NFeLons

Drug possession. Purchasing alcohol for minors. Driving under the influence. Possession of firearms without a license. Those are just a few of the crimes that have besmirched the image of the National Football League since the start of 2006. Unless the National Football League is planning on collaborating with The Smoking Gun on a series […]