2024-05-20 1:28 AM

Restaurant Spotlight: Pilin Thai Restaurant


Pilin Thai is one of the finer Thai restaurants in Falls Church. Besides the peaceful, quiet and chic atmosphere, this venue boasts a wide array of cuisine, from the Spicy Crispy Catfish to Pad Thai and Shrimp Panang Curry.

Cape Grapes

The novelty’s over. A serious look at South African wine lands yields adventure and beauty for wine lovers.

Restaurant Spotlight: Saravana Palace

Saravana Palace is a vegetarian restaurant, which I knew would cause deviation from my familiar Indian dish orders. When I think of Indian food, I conjure pictures of Chicken Tikka Masala, Vindaloo and Korma. After three years in London, I became spoiled by the ability to run out for a curry, at any time of […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Delhi Club


With a generous collection of curries, kabobs and flatbreads, Delhi Club goes straight to the heart of Indian cuisine. It’s an experience that takes patrons beyond just eating: spiced aromas fill the restaurant, Indian music plays in the background and the food is, of course, well-seasoned and delicious.

Restaurant Spotlight: Thai Terrace

Deciding on a restaurant in the busy Ballston area on Wilson Blvd. can be difficult with dozens of restaurants, lounges and cafes to choose from, but Thai Terrace, at the corner of Wilson and Quincy St. helps to make the choice much easier with its inviting atmosphere and its affordability will keep you coming back. […]

Restaurant Review: Mint Thai Cusine


Get ready to indulge your senses with the delicious taste, smell, and appeal of Thai cuisine. At Mint Thai Cuisine, you’ll taste a variety of entrées, with sauces, meats and seafood, vegetables, noodles and rice, you name it. As for the spice — you can be in charge of that as well. Their experienced chef […]