2024-07-17 6:15 AM

Press Pass with Peter Bradley Adams


Singer-songwriter Peter Bradley Adams has long been intrigued by wandering. He loves the idea of setting one foot before the other, no destination in mind, his steps more guided by a goal – find something better, anywhere but here.

Press Pass: Jeremy Fisher

It's hard not to have empathy for the protagonist featured in Jeremy Fisher's self-made music video of his most popular song to date. The main character in the rock and roll love ballad is the sort that gives temporary satisfaction and because of it, often finds him or herself being used repeatedly in ultimately destructive […]

Press Pass: Luis Dubuc

Luis Dubuc didn’t like the view from the back of the stage. As the drummer for a metal band, he felt boxed in, beating out the same rhythms to the same monotonous songs over and over. He wanted a change.

Press Pass: Vandaveer

The name isn't an alias, it's latitude. When he adopted his alternate handle, Mark Charles Heidinger, known also by Vandaveer, wasn't simply seeking an alluring nickname that would ensnare playbill-gazing pedestrians. He wanted freedom.

Off Track: Joshua James: The Basement Bard

Justin Townes Earle

  MySpace musicians will be eager to hear the tale of buzzy, Nebraskan songwriter Joshua James, whose whisper-soft vocals and lyrical acumen landed him a recording deal from the comfort of his basement.

Press Pass: Dave Barnes

The album artwork for Dave Barnes’ latest release Chasing Mississippi, paints an interesting picture of the Nashville-based troubadour. Sure, there are the liner notes and the thank yous, but there is also a series of pictures depicting Barnes in a number of martial arts poses. On a tour poster, Barnes is seen performing a jump […]

Press Pass: Bruce Cockburn

Like many songwriters, Bruce Cockburn is a storyteller. But unlike most songwriters in today’s top-40 world, he has actually witnessed the subjects about which he sings.