2024-06-24 6:22 PM

Press Pass: Toad The Wet Sprocket


Dean Dinning, the bassist for Toad The Wet Sprocket, gives the News-Press an exclusive look inside the band’s rumored reunion, the tolls of touring and everything in between.

Press Pass: Damion Suomi


“Right now, I’m in the middle of nowhere Indiana, going broke, and riding around to gigs in the back of a pickup truck … ”That’s the first part of the statement Damion Suomi used to describe his current situation.

Press Pass: Thievery Corporation


Even in instances where success is directly attributable to individual talent and creativity, it seems fate still has some role to play.

Press Pass: The Black Keys


In days when music is becoming increasingly effect-driven, over-produced and entire acts can be recreated by a complex series of synthesizers, it’s refreshing to hear Akron-based blues rock duo The Black Keys and be reminded that simplicity can still yield a superlative sound.

Press Pass with Erin McCarley


A little less than a year ago, Nashville music artist Erin McCarley stood on stage at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin,Texas, preparing to perform tracks from her debut album, Love, Save the Empty, for the first time ever in a live setting.

Press Pass with The Guggenheim Grotto


The Guggenheim Grotto has always been a little tricky to pin down. The band’s previous album, … Waltzing Alone, featured songs that fit into every genre imaginable.

Press Pass with Greg Laswell


In this modern era of music, hardware like laptops and software like GarageBand has made recording more flexible and user friendly for musicians.

Press Pass with Ashton Allen


Adaptability seems to be a crucial trait for musicians these days. With the traditional record-label-backed system a thing of the past and the modern industry in a constant state of flux, the environment is more hostile than ever for songwriters trying to get by on songs alone.

Press Pass with Val Emmich


If America Ferrera’s love interest/musically-inclined neighbor seems like a natural on the stage during this season of ABC’s “Ugly Betty,” well, it’s because he is.