2024-05-26 10:47 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Restaurant Spotlight: The Greek Taverna

The walls are made of bright white stucco with inset arches and ornate knives, plates and even a beautiful, but empty, bottle of Metaxa, a Greek blend of brandy and wine, decorate the interior. Greek music fills in the gaps of the surrounding lively conversation, distinctive with the sound of the bouzouki, a guitar like […]

Off Track: Joshua James: The Basement Bard

Justin Townes Earle

  MySpace musicians will be eager to hear the tale of buzzy, Nebraskan songwriter Joshua James, whose whisper-soft vocals and lyrical acumen landed him a recording deal from the comfort of his basement.

Press Pass: Soft Complex

The old adage declares that “music is life.” For the gentlemen of D.C. band Soft Complex, that holds especially true.

Daniel Negreanu on Poker: Defining Your Poker Motivation

What do you want to get out of poker? What’s your motivation? For most people the answer is plain and simple: money. Money-motivated players are vastly different from others who are driven to challenge themselves against the best in the world.

Restaurant Spotlight: Koi Koi Sushi & Roll


The newest member of the Falls Church restaurant community, Koi Koi Sushi & Roll specializes in Japanese delicacies, colorful rolls and a wide variety of tempura and barbecue. The West Broad Street location opened its doors August 8.

Dowd on Drinks: Coke Goes Back To The Future

When I was a kid, cherry Coke was all the rage at soda fountains across the country. I, however, drank to a different beat, getting my local soda jerk to whip up a vanilla Coke for me — a squirt of the pale yellow vanilla syrup, a long pull on the Coke lever and, voila!, […]