2024-06-21 1:21 PM

World Children

Just weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Sondra Harnes watched the Soviet Union’s Red Army Chorus sing “God Bless America” at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. After experiencing the moving performance, and the emotional response of the audience, Harnes was inspired by the thought of obtaining international peace and unity through song. […]

School News and Notes

On Thursday, Dec. 6, Hope, Kassandra (14), Matt (9) and Chris David volunteered at Glen Forest Elementary School to help deliver backpacks to all students during Volunteer Fairfax’s “A Celebration of Giving and Sharing.” (Photo: Tonya McCreary)

Press Pass: Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri

Devon Sproule

Over the breadth of history, love has presented itself in a variety of ways. Paul Curreri's introduction into the life of Devon Sproule, however, may be completely unique.

Press Pass: Abra Moore

To Abra Moore, songwriting is a mystery. She doesn’t know when inspiration will strike, nor what will trigger it. And interestingly enough, it’s a mystery that Moore has no inclination to solve.

Picking Splinters: Selig Squanders Favor With Juvenile Antics

Bud Selig knew this moment would come. From the beginning of the season, any fans of baseball knew that this was the year that Barry Bonds, the infamous standard bearer of the steroid scandal, would pass Hank Aaron as the all-time home run record holder. He had all season to decide what he would do. […]