2024-05-28 1:17 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Nicholas F. Benton: God & Einstein

Onto the fertile but generally unattended ground that lies between the tower of religious fundamentalism on one side and the pillar of secular modernism on the other, as if riding on a light beam descending out of the early 20th century comes Albert Einstein, dimly resembling in appearance the more recent, fictional “mad scientist” played […]

Anything But Straight: Quacks Quiver as Controversy Widens

One of the most successful techniques used by the right wing is creating shadow organizations designed to ape mainstream institutions in an effort to undermine them. By deceptively using scientific names and manipulating research, much of the public can’t tell the difference between the reputable groups and the reputed ones.

Former Falls Church Resident Jewel Richard Browder Dies

Graveside services for Jewel Richard Browder, a resident of San Diego and Fullerton, California were held at Loma Vista memorial Park in Fullerton, California on July 19, 2006 with the Reverend Robert Bethancourt officiating. A Memorial Service will be held at a later date.