2024-07-24 12:19 PM

Steep Nosedive in Sales Tax Revenue Besets F.C. Budget


The global recession has translated into a steep nosedive in sales tax revenues, rather than declining residential real estate values, as the primary cause of a $1.2 million shortfall that confronts the City of Falls Church as it moves toward adoption of a budget for the new fiscal year.

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Great December Bailout

While waiting to see just how much OPEC says it will cut production next week, and then a couple of months more to see how much they actually cut, the crisis of the week is Washington’s bail-out of Detroit.

Senator Mary Margaret Whipple’s Richmond Report

Transportation Session The General Assembly continues to struggle with the transportation issue in Special Session. We are currently scheduled to be in Richmond on July 9th for a last ditch effort to achieve agreement. I am proud to say that the Senate Democrats, on a party-line vote of 21-19, have adopted a solid plan that […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Assessing $200 Oil

Three months ago anyone talking about $200 oil was considered a fear monger, or worse, but things happen fast these days. In the intervening period, oil prices have risen by nearly $40 a barrel and show no signs of stopping. All of a sudden it has become fashionable to start talking about much higher prices […]