2024-05-20 3:03 AM

Staging Dr. Seuss! M.E.H. Students Perform Musical ‘Seussical Jr.’

MARY ELLEN HENDERSON Middle School students took the limelight this past weekend with the spring production of “Seussical, Jr.,” a musical medley of famous children’s author Dr. Seuss’s classic characters. George DeMars (center photo) brought life to the Cat in the Hat, alongside energetic and entertaining performances from Ryan Fields as Jojo (bottom left photo, […]

Press Pass with Matthew Ryan


There are some artists who emerge into the public eye fully-formed, pre-packaged and primed to perform their one and only trick before fading into the background.

Picking Splinters: Judging Bowden’s Fate

Twice in recent weeks, Sports Illustrated baseball guru Jon Heyman has mentioned the heat has steadily been increasing underneath the seat of Washington Nationals’ General Manager Jim Bowden. It’s all just speculation at this point, but it does offer an opportune time to discuss Bowden’s tenure with the team.

Press Pass: Ryan Montbleau Band

The deal was all lined up. Ryan Montbleau and his band mates were just one confirmation away from inking a deal with an independent label that would have propelled the band out of debt and into, at least temporary, financial security. However, the next time the label made contact, the news was not good. The […]

Press Pass: Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan is an idealist, a fact that may surprise those familiar with his work. Never mind that his albums are laden with ballads, or that he sings like he sports a leg iron from his right ankle, or even that he openly says he has never written a “feel good” album. Matthew Ryan is […]

Picking Splinters: Sports Mathematics Splinters Style

Do you remember what you were thinking at this point in the 1998 season? Do you remember the energy surrounding Mark McGwire’s pursuit of Roger Maris’s record for home runs in a single season? The record that made the number 61 sacred? Do you remember the fist pumps and the celebrations of pulled punches? That […]