2024-07-14 4:51 AM

2 N.Va. GOP Leaders: ‘I’ve Had Enough With My Party’

Rep. Davis in NY Times, Snyder In Letter to N-P Two prominent Northern Virginia Republican politicians publicly criticized their party this week, one attributing his disdain as contributing to his decision to opt out of politics, and the other angrily disassociating with the Virginia GOP.

Nicholas F. Benton: Deconstructing Karl Rove

The most shocking thing about Bush advisor Karl Rove’s “exit interview” with Meet the Press’ David Gregory last Sunday was nothing from the briefing notes that Rove rattled off during the half hour. It came right at the end, when Gregory aired a video clip showing Rove as a college student activist for Nixon in […]

Helen Thomas: Bush Bent On Confrontation With Congress

WASHINGTON — You can forget bipartisanship in Washington for the next two years. With President Bush holding the fort for the Republican conservatives at the White House and the Democrats in control of Congress, there will be more showdowns over who rules the roost.