2024-05-29 2:01 PM

Stuart Boys Tennis Holding Court in District

The J.E.B. Stuart boys varsity tennis team is set to cruise to the National District title this season, flaunts an unblemished record of 10-0 and features one of the top youth tennis players in the country — and head coach Matt Hills is worried.

Nicholas F. Benton: What is Your Candidate

So, what’s the point? In all the talking and posturing by the heavy field of presidential candidates in both parties so far, it’s not easy to get a clear handle on their differences. Many among the professional political ranks, of course, view it all from the standpoint of so-called “electability,” and that goes to honing […]

Our Man In Arlington

Social historians tell us that there are one or two events in each generation that almost everybody remembers vividly – exactly what they were doing at the time they learned of the event, and what they did during the rest of the day. Two in my generation were the assassination of JFK and, of course, […]

Picking Splinters: Odd Competitions Fill Summer Doldrums

It is officially the driest week in sports. While Major League Baseball takes a rest for its All-Star break, we sports fans are left in the lurch. Most would view this period as a kind of curse, but I look at it as an opportunity to explore the sporting competitions that might be otherwise obscured […]

Va. Tech Victim Reema Samaha Laid to Rest in Falls Church

Funeral services were held last Sunday, April 22 at Holy Transfiguration Melkite Greek-Catholic Church in McLean for Reema Samaha, the 18-year old graduate of Westfield High School in Centreville slain in the tragedy at Virginia Tech almost two weeks ago.

Our Man In Arlington

Last Saturday, I ventured out of Arlington to Annandale for a large Democratic rally for Jim Webb, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate. The three Northern Virginia Democratic candidates for the House of Representatives were there too – Jim Moran (8th) Andy Hurst (11th) and Judy Federer (10th). Rounding out the star-studded political cast […]